Holiday gift guide for your plant based + sourdough baking kitchen

I wanted to do something a little fun this week and show you all of my favorite kitchen items that I think would make great gifts for your loved ones, whether they live in the kitchen like I do or they just prepare a basic meal when necessary. I've stayed away from really big ticket items - this is a guide for gifts for your family and friends, and I wanted to keep the prices reasonable.

I'm dividing this up into a section for general tools and gadgets for your kitchen and a section for the sourdough/bread baker in your life. All of the items on this list are things that I use on a regular basis and that if they broke, I would re-purchase immediately!

General kitchen tools + gadgets

1. Aeropress - $30

This little gadget makes the absolute best single serve cup of coffee. We've found that you don't need the disposable paper filters: the metal sieve that comes with the device is totally sufficient to filter out all of the grounds. They've got a new travel one that I'm eyeing now, which fits on top of a travel mug... that would be an awesome gift too.

2. Dash compact air fryer - $70

There are definitely fancier air fryers on the market, but I find that this one is a great balance of quality and price point. It's also so cute! It cooks food SO quickly - I can make fries from raw potato to deliciously crispy in 15 minutes, with no preheat time. I use this multiple times a week, whether it's for potatoes/sweet potatoes or other veggies - one of my go tos is a large handful of green beans to add to a weeknight meal... they cook up so well in about 7 minutes!

3. Mini citrus juicer - $6

Adding fresh lemon or lime juice is such a great way to add freshness and acidity to a recipe. It can really change everything! I'm obsessed with using this style of lemon juicer, they get SUCH a high yield of juice out of each lemon, and the measuring cup beneath tells you exactly how much you are adding if you are following (or writing!) a recipe.

4. Cast iron skillet - $15

It took me a while to get on the cast iron skillet train, but now that I have, I'm never going back. They are such a breeze to clean, amazingly nonstick, can be put in the oven, and never have to be replaced. Lodge is a classic, trusted brand. I cook everything in this guy from pancakes to veggies to cornbread to pizza.

5. OXO good grips mandoline/grater/zester - $32

This was actually a gift from my parents several years ago, and I recently got rid of every other grater/zester I owned, since I only use this one. It's awesome as a mandoline for vegetables, to grate veggies or (vegan) cheese, or to zest citrus on the finest setting.

Bread baking

I definitely recommend checking out - it's my favorite source for bread baking purchases of all kinds! But here are a few specific items I would seek out if someone you know loves to bake.

1. Personal pizza stones - $19 each

I love these mini sized pizza stones for making high quality pizza for one (or two... I have a pair). You'll also need a mini pizza peel to go with it ($20).

2. Lame (for scoring bread) - $10

Is the baker in your life still using an old razor blade to score their loaves? I have this cute lame in a baguette shape from Breadtopia, and it works like a charm and comes with 5 extra blades.

3. Oblong baking vessel and proofing basket with liner ($49 + $15 + $3)

I know that a lot of bakers who got into bread this year are baking their loaves in dutch ovens, which is fantastic. But I found it totally life changing to start making these oblong loaves, mainly because it makes the slicing so easy - large, round loaves are a pain to slice up. If you really want to impress the bread baker in your life, this gift combination is the way to go.

4. Heirloom and ancient grain flours from Breadtopia ($5 and up, plus shipping)

Yep! I'm a walking advertisement for Breadtopia. I get most of my grains to mill flour there, but you can also buy already milled flour, either whole wheat or bolted (which has some of the wheat bran/germ sifted out). Baking with different types of wheat flour really adds some fun to your sourdough bread baking. If you want to know my favorites, check out my post on baking with different whole grain flours. Feel free to reach out to me if you have more questions on buying flour!

I hope you enjoy this list and find something new for a gift or... for your own kitchen!

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